Mastectomy Bras and Prosthesis

Pink Petticoat is the only store north of Perth in Western Australia who have fully trained and accredited post surgery, lumpectomy and mastectomy bras and prosthesis fitting staff.

We stock the Amoena superior quality breast forms and bras. Amoena is the world market leader in breast forms incorporating the latest technology into their pioneering designs.

Every woman is different, which is why we offer a wide range of breast forms and partial shapers. We offer five different lines of breast forms, with various versions ranging from lightweight styles to forms that adhere directly to the breast wall. Amoena makes more than 900 breast forms varying in technology, cup form, shape, size and colour to fit any body type and surgery.

Breast asymmetry may occur after breast conserving surgery or reconstruction. Restoring symmetry for a perfectly balanced silhouette is important for a woman’s self esteem and body image therefore we recommend you are professionally fitted every 2 years to ensure the perfect fit.

For more information about breast forms, post surgery or mastecomy bras or to make a fitting appointment please contact us on 08 9964 4277 or email