Garment Care Tips

To ensure your garment is long lasting it’s important to take good care of your lingerie and swimwear. From time to time our customers enquire about the best ways to care for their lingerie and swimwear, so to help, we have listed some hints and suggestions below.

  • Read the label to review the manufacturer’s suggested washing instructions.
  • Hand wash your garments in cold water. Washing in hot water could shrink your garment by up to 20% in size.
  • Use a mild detergent when washing.
  • When washing swimwear worn in chlorinated pools we recommend soaking your garment in cool water for 30 mins (after each wear) prior to washing with a mild detergent.
  • If washing your lingerie in the washing machine, first place your items in a lingerie wash bag, then fasten the hooks and eyes and use the delicate cycle in cool water. This will stop your garments getting wrapped up in other garments and from getting tangled around the machine.
  • Try to avoid placing your garment in the dryer as the heat can break down fabrics such as lycra, spandex and elastic.
  • We do not recommend wringing the water out of your garments. Wringing, even hand wringing, can cause wrinkles and creases which may be difficult to get out. It is better to gently squeeze out the excess water or press the garment between two clean, dry towels to remove the excess water.
  • Line drying or drip drying are generally the best options.